Revolving Electronic Fly Trap

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1Pcs Fly Trap
1Pcs Fly Trap
Fly Trap EU Plug
Fly Trap EU Plug
Fly Trap US Plug
Fly Trap US Plug
EU Plug
EU Plug
US Plug
US Plug
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Product Description

Revolving Electronic Fly Trap is suitable for hotels, restaurants, canteens, families, food courts, supermarkets, marinas, farms, food factories, pharmaceutical factories, etc.

So If the Revolving Electronic Fly Trap effect is not good in use it is generally caused by improper use.

and The Revolving Electronic Fly Trap is used to lure the fly to stay on the board surface and then the flies are transferred into the fly box through the transfer board.


Also The Revolving Electronic Fly Trap is the easiest way to rid any premises of mosquitos. Attracting bugs to kill them in seconds. Environmentally friendly material, good strength, good toughness, high temperature resistance, and long service life.

and The bug collection tray is easily cleaned without any problems. Suitable for any place where mosquito control is needed: kitchen, canteen, hotel, supermarket, farm, food factory, etc.
New silent design provides ideal sleep state, comfortable sleep all night.


One chance to solve the fly problem, and create a green and comfortable living environment for you.
So The Fly Trap is suitable for all families, hotels, hotels, restaurants, canteens, food markets, supermarkets, barbecue shops, farms, factories, etc.
The Fly Trap is placed in the area where flies are often active, using This Fly Trap to bring honey water as a bait, or according to their own In the case of vinegar or fishy or sweet taste.
as a result the flies are lured to the trap, and then the flies are rotated to the collection box by the rotating plate.


Also you Need to pay attention to the use of points in the Fly Trap:
1.Five grooves must be added with the right amount of bait.
2.The Revolving Electronic Fly Trap must be placed where the fly is active.
3.If the fly is not interested in the bait, add some vinegar or sugar, fishy smell to attract the flies.
4.The speed is determined by our tests countless times. If the speed is too fast, it will cause the flies to fly away.

in addition, our motor speed is a special adjustment.





1Pcs Fly Trap, Fly Trap EU Plug, Fly Trap US Plug, EU Plug, US Plug

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